#ConnectingHRLeeds – What the flip?

What’s with the # ?

Connecting HR started life as a tweet up under the #connectingHR. You can find tweet ups all over the place – London, York, Bradford, Manchester, Newcastle. I may have missed some, but you get the picture. To find a tweet up near you search for #ConnectingHR<insert city> You don’t need to have a twitter account to search and see what’s going on.

Do I need to be on twitter then?

No. Is a short answer. But it can help to get over those nerves if you don’t know anyone and still want to come along. We will be holding a twitter chat on Thursday 11th July 2019 7pm – 8pm. If you have a twitter account login, check out #ConnectingHRleeds & say hi! If you don’t have a twitter account just search twitter #ConnectingHRleeds – you will be able to see us, but we can’t see you…

True story…

For my first ever tweet up I made the epic journey from Leeds to Manchester. Epic because the weather was horrible. I had told my mum that I was going to Manchester (Manchester!) to meet people off of the internet (the what?!). As a result she was phoning me every 2 minutes to check I was still alive. I got to the bar that the tweet up was in, only to realise that I wasn’t really sure what anyone looked like in real life. I had been chatting to people on twitter and the seemed lovely, but (as I now tell my son frequently) people can fib on the internet.

It turns out they were very lovely people when I met them in real life and I highly recommend that you check out #ConnectingHRManchester one day, After you have tried our #ConnectingHRLeeds – obvs.

I did also nearly miss my train home, but that’s another tale and one that I might tell you if you come to #ConnectingHRLeeds.

Is it free? Really? Are you trying to sell me stuff?

Honestly, no.

We all organise these things because we love bringing people together who are passionate about doing great people stuff, whatever that means to you. Some people are self-employed, some are suppliers of things, some (like me) work in public sector. We come from all sectors.

I know that people have followed up with some really cool collaborations and some have even got business from coming to our event- however that is not the main goal, think of it more as a side effect of having some really good conversations.

Ah go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on, go on…

Book your free (yes, free!) ticket here for our next meet up on Thursday 18th July, from 5.30pm. 


Any questions?

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Dinosaurs on the moon.

Dinosaurs on the moon (or workplace lessons from a three year old).

Make bold promises – don’t be held back by reality.  Think small you will achieve small. Aiming high will challenge yourself and others around you.  Oliver says – there will be dinosaurs on the moon.

Be obsessed – with every aspect of your bold promise.  Who is your team and what are they good at? Deploy them onto tasks that they will excel at and enjoy.   Exactly which dinosaurs will be best in space? Diplodocus are pretty big and would need a pretty big rocket, Velociraptors a bit edgy and likely to eat each other.  Oliver says – James loves trains, therefore he will be good at rocket building.  I like triceratops best, they can go to the moon.

Dinosaurs on the moon!
Dinosaurs on the moon!

BUT you still need to  manage expectations – challenging bold promises are great, but you still need to let people know what is happening, where they can find information and when they can expect results.  Oliver says – James can’t come round until Saturday so the rocket won’t be built until then. It is unlikely that the Dinosaurs will be able to get to the moon without it.  I’ve put a picture on the fridge to let everyone know.

Have a plan B – Something always goes wrong, fact.  Be flexible and adaptable, ready to change your plans.  Do not give up! Oliver says –  ok, the dog has chewed the rocket that James built.  No problem, we have more lego we can start again.

We did it! Let everyone know that you have achieved your goal. Don’t be shy, you have worked hard!  Oliver says – We have dinosaurs on the moon, hoorah!  Milk and chocolate biscuits all round! Picture on the fridge.

And don’t forget the best toddler tactic, only occasionally seen in the workplace – when you don’t get your own way scream and stamp your feet.