Last week I took part in a Global Gov Jam and for the first time in a long time I went along to something and had absolutely no idea what to expect.  All I had was the Global Gov Jam website  with it’s tag line – 48 hours to rock the public sector.

As it turns out it involved a rubber chicken, donuts and silly hats – so I was right at home.  Oh and lots of biscuits.

Meet the team
Meet the team

From the start the key thing was to learn through doing, not talking. We went out and talked to people on the street, took inspiration from what was around us – lots of plasticine, lego and various other random props. We mocked up computer screens from cardboard boxes  – all in the name of really understanding the user experience of the product / service we were developing.

This was most definitely a collaborative experience.  In Leeds we were twinned with the Athens Jam – with lots of waving via Skype.  It brought a real sense of the global community into the room.  Via twitter, one of the teams collaborated with a team in another city who were working on a similar project.

If you are interested here’s what our team came up with in 48 hours – Leeds Pond Our  solution to help to unlock the knowledge, skills and experience in an organisation, or a city by making it super easy (and fun) for people to connect.

Leeds Pond
Leeds pond

What I particularly enjoyed was  –

Learning by doing, not talking

Keeping it fast & dirty – fail fast & iterate

Pushing forward with your minimal viable product – don’t wait for perfect

Aiming sky high – there are real opportunities to use awesome design to make a MAHOOSIVE difference to people’s lives in the public sector.  We shouldn’t aim any lower.

Kathryn Grace covers the whole Jam excellently in her blog here,  she says “In the UK there’s an increased need for innovation in the public sector, due to huge cuts in funding and people are engaged to make a difference in a tough environment. We experienced that through the jammers that came along.”  

Lisa Jeffrey captured the 48 hours in her fabulous photos – here.

(p.s. this week I will be mostly Nappin’ check out #CIPDNAP15)






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